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Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi

Prof. Dhandapani Kannan

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Prof. Dhandapani Kannan, Emeritus Professor of the Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia, USA since 2008. Prof. D. Kannan received his Doctorate from Wayne State University, Michigan, USA in the year 1970. His major areas include Stochastic Processes and their Applications to Finances, Life Sciences and Physics, Theory and Applications of diffusions under G-framework, Quantum Probability and Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Evolution Equations and Stability Analysis, Stochastic Filtering, Target Tracking, and Data Fusion, Stochastic Mechanics. He has received Scholar in Second Discipline Award (2003-04). He was elected as Academician of Russian Academy in September 2000. He has published around 100 research papers in reputed International Journals. Over 130 invited lectures were delivered (Colloquiums, International Conferences, Lecture series, etc,) in USA, India, Hong Kong, Italy, China and many others. Served as Associate Editor for more than nine International Journals, Referee for over 30 International Research Journals and Reviewer for AMS Math Reviews. He has received external research grants from National and International agencies, such as NSF (US National Science Foundation), Canadian NRC (National Research Council), US AFOSR (Airforce Office of Scientific Research), US Department of Education, US Department of Defense, US Office of Naval Research, UGA Research Foundation and many others.