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Department of Visual Media and Communication organises various symposiums, seminars, and expert lectures, Hands-on training programs to train the students for pursuing career in the fields of Journalism, Advertising, Animation Content Development, Photography, Applied art and Advertising, Public Relations, and digital media. The department also opens up careers in interactive Web design, filmmaking, motion graphics design, and other related fields that involve digital image production, design, display, and exhibition. We collaborate interactive sessions and Video Conferencing with various media organisations and professionals from the industry.

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

N. A. Naseer

Speaker 2

Sri. Leonard Goh

Speaker 3

Karthik Bala,

RJ in Radio City 91.1

Speaker 4

Sri.Shivaprasad Velayudhan

Speaker 5

Prof.Poojapura Sukumaran Nair

Speaker 6

Sri.Prakash Velayudhan

Animation Content Development

filmmaking & Photography

Applied art & Advertising

Public Relations & digital media

Our Organising Team

Department of Visual Media and Communication Events

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Dinesh Babu S


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M. A. Krishnakumar


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T. Varun Prabha


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Karthika C


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Vinod L


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Rekha K.P



Date:June 20th 2019

Speaker 1

Prof. Lynne St Clare Foster, an Illustrator, Designer, Adjunct Professor, Lecturer at Pratt Institute, New York and Mr. Kannan Menon, Producer, Director and Actor initiated a discussion with the faculty of the department on various possibilities of incorporating emerging areas in the syllabus and curriculum. This curriculum discussion was Based on art and illustration for the visual arts batches

Two-Day Training Program by Google Initiative

Date: 8th and 9th July 2019

The department organized a two-day newsroom training program on google tools on 8th and 9th July 2019 The first day session was led by Geetika Rustagi, (former social media manager NDTV, former community engagement editor at Hindustan times , Media lead at optimum info system for google news lab). Her expert knowledge about google tools helped the entire team to know more about the advantages of google and its specialties . Key aim of the program was to meet the needs of journalists and news organizations, with innovative ideas and boosting the productivity by improved methods of collaboration. Google news initiative offers training in online verification and fact checking, journalist digital safety and security and data visualization. The newsroom training program on google tools was highly interactive and the practical sessions also helped the participants to get awareness about the new world of web journalism Sunil Prabhakar news trainer from Mathrubhumi handled class on identification of fake news.

Speaker 1

Both the sessions were highly informative to students and provided a hands-on-experience in google security.

“WET FRAMES”-The sorrow captured

Date: 21st August 2019

Speaker 1

The students of MAJMC First Semester and BSc VM Second Semester were taken to the photography exhibition “Wet Frames”, conducted by the Press Photographers, at Durbar Hall, Ernakulam on 21st August The snaps exhibited there depicted the pain and the loss of the Kerala Flood 2018. The photographs by 35 Photojournalists from different media organizations were displayed there. The exhibition was jointly organised by Ernakulam Press Club and Kerala Lalithakala Akademy, and sponsored by Indian Oil.

ASAS wins Clubby Poster Competition

Date:18th August 2019

Abha, M. Phil scholar bagged the first prize in Clubby’s minimal poster making competition. The competition was held by the digital platform for the budding online poster designers. This was a golden opportunity for the participants to exhibit their talents. Clubby offers a platform for creative talents such as in creative content creators, filmmakers, painters, singers, dancers etc and this poster .

Speaker 1

PRATHICHAYA Bagged First Prize in IDSFFK

Date:18th September 2019

Speaker 1

Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan gave away the prize in presence of Minister A K Balan and Veteran Director Kamal. Jury commented the documentary as a well re-searched and crafted film. Award consists of Rs 50000 and certificate. The documentary was screened in the competition section of IDFFT 2019, and in the International Documentary film competition conducted by the Media Studies Department of Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan Malayalam University on 18th September 2019. The screening was in the presence of Shri. Sajid Naduthodi, renowned Documentary Director and Dr. Anil Vallathole, Vice Chancellor of the University. This is one of the most prestigious moment for Amrita School of Arts and Sciences ,Kochi and ASAS honored these crew and expressed happiness

The short documentary , “Prathichaya’’ by BSC Visual Media 2016 video production students received wide accolade in the 12th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala(IDSFFK). The film was awarded as Best Campus Film produced within Kerala . Gayathri Sasiprakash (Direction Screenplay, Editing),Anagha Sivasankar(Production), Anila Sahadev (Dop), Akshaya P S, Kripa Jayakrishnan, and Abhirami S (Other) are the crew members of the film. The students completed this film under the guidance of Krishnakumar M A and Varun Prabha T, (Faculty members) as part of their final year project work. The documentary portrays the traditional Kerala art form “Tholppavakooth” (shadow puppetry) and its connections with the modern art form, film. The elements like light, screen, shadows, art direction, and aspect ratio and so on are taken into consideration for this comparison.

Speaker 1


Date: June 20th 2019

Speaker 1

Prof. Lynne talk addressed to the basic issues like writers block, lack of self confidence, made the crowd realize that these problems are faced by everyone and to be viewed as, ‘ what pulls you down, but, as what helps you go up’M Kannan’s take on Indian Cinema and Western Cinema back in the early stages of cinema enlightened the student son on various personalities and their contributions to Indian cinema. Both the classes were effective, and gave an opportunity for the upcoming media students to understand the topic in depth and thereby pursue in their field

International Seminar on IDEATION, ILLUSTRATION AND THEATRE was held on June 20th. Esteemed by the presence of Prof. Lynne St Clare Foster and Mr. Kannan Menon, the seminar open new possibilities in illustration and theatre. Ms. Lynne is an Illustrator, Designer, Adjunct Professor, Lecturer at Pratt Institute, New York and Mr. Kannan Menon , Producer, Director and an Actor, handled the sessions. the speakers showcased the perfect blend of modern standards in art with traditional approach. The students were given an opportunity to interact with experts. Prof. Lynne’s shared her experiences and also showed her illustration works to students which inspired all.

Speaker 1


Date: 20th September 2019

Speaker 1

Students of BFA-Photography 2018 had organized a photography exhibition at ASAS , Kochi. The theme was mobile monochrome phototgraphy. Director Dr.U. Krishnakumar inaugurated the exhibition.The event was coordinated with efforts of our faculty, Krishna Kumar M A. The complete works of the students where exhibited in the art gallery . Around 100 participants from various departments expressed their talents in this exhibition. The complete black and white ambiance created there was so attractive and impressive.

Interview of mentalist Praveen Nair .

Date:9th October 2019

The students of MA. Journalism and Mass Communication (2019 ) conducted an interview followed by a day long program held in ASAS. The renowned mentalist , magician , mind reader and memory expert Mr. Praveen Nair made the day memorable . He is an Engineer by profession and entertainer by passion. Questions regarding his way to career , his experiences ,obstacles he had faced , the sources that helped him out , the motive which made him persuaded this career were questioned . The team documented and reported the interview and that was a hand full of adventures experience

Speaker 1

Photography and Lighting Tools Workshop

Date: 23rd July 2019

Speaker 1

A workshop on Photography and lighting tools was held on July 23rd by Srishti Digilife. Around 100 students from different batches of the Department attended the session. Raja, a representative from Srishti Digilife, introduced different tools and techniques of photography and lighting.Products from well-known companies like Manfrotto and Profoto were displayed and demonstrated.“Youngsters today want to take photos that are unique. Through this workshop we intend to inform students about the advanced products available in the market”, said Raja.

Interactive Session with Alumni

Date: 27th Aug 2019

B.Sc. Visual Media outgoing batch had an interactive session with alumni .It was conducted for the students to give them an outlook of the industries of their interest. The session was initiated by Director K U Krishnakumar and headed by Dr. Dinesh Babu, Head of Visual media department.The event was held at ASAS Kochi ,on 27th Aug 2019 The interactive session was conducted by the Alumni Aiswarya Pramod and Siva Thampi , accompanied by the Assistant director Kiran Anilkumar. The session commenced with the works they had done. Aiswarya Pramod who headed first session opened a wide insight to the students on their career. Experience regarding her career was shared which highly motivated the students . Siva Tampi also shared his experience on Editing and his steps to build a career . The discussions on building and managing clients also took place. Assistant director Kiran Anilkumar (very soon launching his debut film )discussed about film making and an overall outlook of film industry. The class was motivational, and it gave the students an outlook to plan for their career.

Speaker 1

Session talk by faculty Training for Trainers

Date:19th-24th August, 2019.

Speaker 1

Department of Community Medicine and Public Health hosted a training program. This was in association with the Board of Women and Child Development and the Board of Food and Nutrition. The program is conceived as ‘Training for Trainers’. This was held for the ICDS Supervisors. It was conducted from 19th-24th August, 2019. The participating members were asked to talk on the topics; preparation of area specific educational aids, mass media for nutrition education, mass awareness techniques, area specific action plans etc. Dr. Dinesh Babu, Head of Visual Media and Communications Department, also spoke during the event.

Webinar Session for ASAS faculty

Date:2nd of August, 2019

Tina Peji, a Digital Learning Leader ad CAS coordinator, conducted a webinar session for the faculty of ASAS. The training session was conducted on the 2nd of August, 2019. She is a certified Google educator from the International School of Hyderabad. The session was attended by the faculties from the Computer Science and Visual Media department. Faculties were trained on the usage of Google tools in teaching. The webinar session clearly helped enhance the teaching.

Speaker 1

Webinar session by Tapesh Chandra Gupta

Date:10th october 2019

Speaker 1

A skype session on Media Management and strategic communication was conducted on 10th oct 2019 by Tapesh Chandra Gupta from Chatishghar. Students from department of Visual Media and Commerce and management participated in the session accompanied by Dr.Dinesh Babu ,Head of Visual Media department and Bala Subramaniyam , Head of commerce and Management . The session covered wider areas like , media management , various types of media such as Print media , Broadcasting, Radio, Electronic media media coverage, men , material and money management and role of media in influencing the newsvalue. The session also covered areas of Media extension and expansion, economy and income, marketing, advertising through news and social media , ways to increase circulation of the outcome. The discussion stressed on the fac6t that the outcome should be customer|audience satisfactory along with social responsibility and importance of the news covered . He stated that ‘‘No Media Is Perfect For The Society” as the interest and preference of every individual differs. The session was very informative and he clarified the doubts of the students

Tabloid and News Portal Published

Date:5th September 2019

The Department launched two tabloids and an online news portal by the students of MA Journalism and Mass Communication 2018 batch during Teachers’ Day Celebration. The Malayalam tabloid 'Dhwani' was jointly released by Dr. U Krishnakumar and Brahmacharini Bhaktipriyamrita Chaitanya by handing over a copy to Prof. P A Appukuttan. The copy of the English tabloid 'The Sentinel' was handed over to Dr. Raveendranath,Adjunct Prof. The online news portal ' Fifth Eye ', created, managed and published by the same batch was switched on by Director ,Dr. U.Krishna Kumar

Speaker 1


Date:19th September 2019

Speaker 1

Industrial visit to Bell Printers and Chelsons at sivakasi for the students of AAA, ACM , CCA of visual Media Department took place on 19th September 2019 . The main objective behind the visit was to make students aware about how various activities related to designing , packaging and how their making is carried out in company . There were 13 students and 3 faculty for the visit . The students were given a brief orientation of the company along with the site visit A small session was carried out and scattering knowledge regarding packaging samples were gained . Then the students visited Chelsons where they saw the industry in detail and had an interactive session with the staff members. Overall it was a great field experience.


An International Workshop on Photography

Speaker 1

An International workshop on photography was organized in collaboration with “Srishti” on 14th September 2018. Leonard Goh, an avid photography educator, photographer and published writer led the workshop. Leonard, who has undergon PPC training by Profoto, Stockholm, Sweden, has given a hands-on training to the students on lighting equipment.

Speaker 1

Cinematography Workshop

One day workshop

A one day workshop on Cinematography was conducted by renowned Cinematographer Sri. Prakash Velayudhan on 7thSeptember. The students of MFA had an opportunity to explore the nuisance of film lighting and camera techniques.

Speaker 1
Speaker 1

Radio Workshop

Two days workshop on Radio Production

Speaker 1

A two days workshop on Radio Production was held on 24thand 25th of September 2018 for Visual Media students.The session was handled by Karthik Bala, RJ in Radio City 91.1 from Chennai who has a 12 years’ experience as Radio jockey and producer. He discussed the techniques of Radio Production, the planning before the program gets aired. The faculty also had a discussion on the future of radio in the cyber world and also the working strategy and concepts followed in the radio. Interactive hours even included games to improve the writing skills.

Packaging–Hands-on Experience

Industrial visit

The PG students of MA (CCA), MFA (ACM), MFA (AAA) has undertaken an industrial visit to different packaging factories at Sivakashi from 16th to 19th September. They had a hands on experience on packaging and branding at Chellsons Packaging Pvt. Ltd. and Bell Printers Pvt. Ltd. The trip was tremendous help for the pursuing designers and advertisers.

Speaker 1
Speaker 1

Animation and VFX Workshop

One day Workshop

Speaker 1

The department of Visual Media and Communication hosted a workshop on animation and VFX on 28th Feb 2019. The session was led by Sri.Shivaprasad Velayudhan, Director of Operations, Realworks Studios India Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore. Dr.U.Krishnakumar welcomed the guest. Sri.Dinesh Babu, HOD presided

Sri.Shivaprasad Velayudhan shared his inspiring life story especially about the transformation from a computer engineer to a 3D/motion graphics operator. He also gave information regarding the software used for the purpose. He was a person who decided to create his own world where people would fail, learn, experiment, grow and innovate. He then gave useful tips to the students regarding starting a company and also ignited ‘A Never Give Up’ spirit in all the students.

He mainly concentrated on bringing the behind the scenes at the studios and workplaces before the students to let them know about the team spirit, hard work and coordination required for a good output by showing his works which were advertisements on Thalappakkatti biryani and also, it’s making video which reveals about the off-screen preparations. After the program, there was an interactive session for clearing doubts related to the area where the students cleared their doubts.

Wildlife Photography camp

Wild life photography

B.Sc. third semester students were taken to Parambikulam for wild life photography camp on November 5th and 6th. The two day camp gave them profound insight about the forest and wildlife photography

Speaker 1
Speaker 1

Naval Base Headquarters Painting

Funded project at Kochi Naval Base.

Speaker 1

The students of Visual Media and Communication Department completed a funded project at Kochi Naval Base. They did a wall painting under the guidance of Sri Vinod Lakshman, Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Media and Communication. The students from the batches MFA (Applied Arts & Advertising) MFA (Animation & Content Management), MA (Corporate Communication & Advertising) participated in the work done at the INS Garuda Headquarters, Southern Naval Command, Willington Island, Kochi as per the direction from Lieutenant Colonel Vinay Thiwari. The teamwork became fruitful in 13 days. The students portrayed the sketches of the real helicopter and re-crafted the same on the walls. A R Sooryaputhri, Ananya S George, Aswathi Rajasekaran, Gayathri A M, Rakhilraj E.K, Vimal G Pillai and Vindhuja P Nair of MFA AAA; Akhil K U, Juval Antony P J and Leo Stanly of MFA ACM and Abhijith Saseendran of MA CCA were the students who participated in the projec

An ‘ARTSY’ Trip

Kochi Biennale 2019

The students and Staff of the Department of Visual Media & Communication paid a visit to the Artist’s Hub of South Asia - Kochi - Muziris Biennale on 19th February. Kochi Biennale Foundation is a non profit charitable trust engaged in promoting art and culture and educational activities in India, the hosting of the Kochi Muziris Biennale, an art exhibition and festival that is the largest of its kind in South Asia. It revealed an entire different world of art, culture and its celebration. Students and teachers with their cameras ready to click visited exhibits inside and outside and participated, rejoiced and celebrated the beauty of art. The opportunities to get stunned by the art were endless.

The main art exhibits of this year’s edition screened about the pain of Kerala flood 2018. The visitors of Biennale were in high numbers and as art students we are immensely proud to have witnessed such amazing works created with so much of difficulty and hard work and surely pays off. The art made up from nothing to something beautiful and heart touching. The visit was really a great experience to the students of the campus as opened up a new world of art and culture.

Speaker 1


Student’s Portfolio exhibition

Speaker 1

Dakshina-2019’, an annual portfolio exhibition of final semester UG and PG students of Department of Visual Media and Communication was held on 25th, 26th and 27th March. The three day exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Poojapura Sukumaran Nair, Retired Professor and HOD, Faculty of Fine Arts, RLV College of Music and Fine Arts Thripunithura. The creative works were showcased in four different venues in the campus. More than sixty works including advertising projects, short films, animated short films and documentaries were exhibited. Advertising agencies and Media houses visited and evaluated the exhibition and expressed their gratification.


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